Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma: South African president, corrupt politician, rapist, and criminal thug.

Jacob Zuma is also known as Mosholozi. Rather ironically, Mosholozi is his "praise name." Just exactly why Zuma would deserve any praise, is quite beyond the understanding of most sensible South Africans.

He was elected president of the African National Congress (ANC) in December 2007, and since then his "leadership" has been characterised by weak and spineless fence-sitting. Many party underlings, within the ANC, have taken full advantage of Zuma's spinelessness, committing acts of corruption with blatant impunity. Of course, having himself been corruptly involved with the infamous South African Arms Deal (to date he has very skilfully avoided facing prosecution for his criminal involvement in the Arms Deal), it would be rather hypocritical of him to take any firm action against his corrupt cronies.

During his reign as "president" of South Africa, he has, on numerous occasions, promised to take firm action against the corrupt within his "government". What possible credence can anyone lend to these promises, considering that the promises were being made by a corrupt thug? The trial of Schabir Shaik proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Zuma is corrupt and is a criminal thug.

On 8 May 2006 Zuma was found not guilty of raping Fezeka Kuzwayo. While being found legally not guilty, many South Africans consider this to be much the same as O. J. Simpson being found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown: everyone knows that he did it.

'I have been raped by comrades before. They force women to sleep with them, even now, because they have the power to do so. And no one dares to speak out.' The culture of violence has never ceased to exist in the South-African ANC, even after the end of apartheid, says Fezeka Kuzwayo.